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How to repair DOCX file of corrupted Microsoft Word documents

Modified on 01/01/2019

DOCX Repair Kit is an end-to-end solution that knows how to repair Word DOCX file data faster and better than any other product on the market. Combining a powerful file analysis core, an intuitive interface and efficient text clean-up tools, this online .docx repair tool is the best choice for users of all levels.

The repairing of corrupted *.docx file of Microsoft Word document - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download DOCX Repair Kit here:
  2. Install DOCX Repair Kit
  3. Start DOCX Repair Kit
  4. Select corrupted document
  5. Press Analyze
  6. Confirm the recovery of file by press OK
  7. Preview a recovered text
  8. Press Start Recovery button and select item:
    • Export to MS Word to export into new Word document
    • Save as Plain Text to save text file

How to repair DOCX file online?

How to repair DOCX files online?

DOCX Repair Kit is a compact, yet functional and robust online .docx repair tool that dramatically facilitates the process of text extraction from Microsoft Word *.docx files damaged in all types of data corruption accidents. Designed for users of all skill levels, including people with no experience in data recovery, the program offers a very intuitive interface and nearly complete automation of the process. Users who don't know how to repair DOCX file online will appreciate the possibility to restore the contents of a damaged Word file by making just a few mouse clicks.

Thanks to the advanced file analysis and data recovery core developed by Repair Kit's engineers, the program knows how to repair Word DOCX file data better than any other product on the market. The program instantly opens damaged documents, identifies recoverable blocks in them and extracts text to a new file for saving or editing. One of the key advantages of DOCX Repair Kit is a built-in text clean-up function which ensures that the resulting text does not contain system characters, tags, pieces of system data and other "garbage" elements.

To make recovery easier for those who have no idea how to repair DOCX files online, the tool offers a preview module that lets users see the texts they are about to recover (in Unicode and ASCII encoding). The product supports DOCX files of any size and of all major versions, MS Word 95, MS Word 98, MS Word 2000, MS Word XP, MS Word 2003, MS Word 2007, MS Word 2010 and even RTF.

DOCX file repair tool online

DOCX Repair Kit uses a set of advanced algorithms to recover text even from badly damaged files that other programs fail to process and provide an efficient solution for the problem of MS Word file corruption. DOCX Repair Kit is an absolute must-have for professionals and regular users looking for a DOCX file repair tool online in order to cope with the consequences of a serious data corruption accident.

How to repair Word DOCX file?

The tool helps save time, since the contents of a damaged file can be restored seconds after an accident, and money, since specialized data recovery services are quite expensive. The program comes in the form of a compact installation file, takes seconds to download and does not require any additional components to operate.

Some of the most important features of the program are:

  • Powerful proprietary data analysis engine capable of extracting texts even from severely damaged files
  • Intuitive and easy-to-follow UI
  • Integrated text clean-up mechanism
  • Possibility to preview the contents of damaged DOCX files
  • Support of Unicode and ASCII encodings
  • Compatibility with the most popular versions of Windows
  • Compact installation file size
  • No need to download and install additional components
  • Direct recovery to Word
How to repair corrupt DOCX file online?

A demo version of DOCX Repair Kit can be downloaded free of charge from the website of its developer, Repair Kit. The program is an essential tool for anyone willing to know how to repair corrupt DOCX file online in a quick and cost-efficient manner.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above

Customer's reviews and ratings
Shakeel Malik 2021-10-26

works well!

Ali Ramos 2021-03-25

MS Word and Office 365 could not open the encoded Word 2010 text document correctly. Online repair was able to decode the text of the document, but 5 pages out of 325 pages were missing.

Alonzo Golden 2021-02-11

Helped with .doc file that have been corrupted. MS Word just opens this file with no data and without any message about error in file structure.

Spangle 2021-01-19

I repaired my corrupted file. And I need a check, please send it to me at When I was restoring, I indicated a fake email. File: roofconstruct.docx Upload date: 01/15/2021

Zaid Odin 2020-12-18

Feature to fix the wrong encoding is exactly why I came here! When opening a file in MS Word, I am offered to choose an encoding, since Word itself does not understand what encoding the file is in. Not a single encoding came up, I was in shock myself!

Quadrate 2020-07-02

I repaired Word document which was saved as .docx and was not readable. I would like to restore the document to the previous one, which was saved over the current one with all the styles, but text was fixed without formatting.

Ergophobia 2020-06-18

I recovered MS Word document damaged by a flash drive, but when I open this document, for some reason it was an encoded format in which some letters were replaced with Cyrillic.

Slangwhanger 2020-06-04

The virus turned all my documents into chaos. Antivirus does not cure, but deletes the document completely or quarantines it. The only way that helped me was to fix the .DOC files through the program. But there is one problem, not all data in the documents was restored, I mean the formatting was reset in some places, somewhere there are not enough diagrams, somewhere there are no footnotes.

Y.A 2020-01-06

Steve 2018-09-30

All my .docx file was corrupted due to virus attack and Avast antivirus. DOCX repair tool helped me to get my all corrupted data back! Thank You!

Martin 2017-08-03

Service helped me a lot to recover my corrupted DOCX files after HDD crash.

Maria 2016-05-07

Thanks to DOCX online Recovery service: it returned back my Word 2010 file.

Todd 2013-12-12

The best tool to repair corrupt DOCX files in a quick time.

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